Noida is undoubtedly the most trending and always on the move city of the all important national capital region. Millions of people rush towards Noida on a daily basis to satisfactorily fulfill their education, employment, entertainment and medical needs. The city of Noida is expanding and developing at a fast rate like no other city and very soon it will become the undisputed face and pride of the state of UP and NCR. Thus more and more people want to make the twin cities of Greater Noida and Noida, and rightly so.

Noida is well renowned and famous for a plethora of things, but sector 62 is and will always be the undisputed heart and soul of NCR and Noida. Of all the commercial hubs in the city, sector 62 is without any shadow of a doubt the most premier commercial destination. Hundreds of state of the art offices adorn the highly crucial sector 62. A torrent of firms comprising of MNCs, startups and well established Indian companies can proudly call sector 62 their home. No matter how big or small, Noida sector 62 welcomes every firm with open arms.

But the commercial real estate project which has taken sector 62 and the entire NCR by storm is I-Thum. Ithum is the cutting edge magnum opus from the stable of the makers of Corenthum. I-Thum is rightly being called by many as the gold standard of IT parks in the country. It is an office space like no other which enhances the productivity of employees multifold. Spread across a mighty five acres of land which is filled with lush greenery, Ithum is an office address reserved for a lucky few. The day when Ithum becomes synonymous with sector 62 and Noida is not at all far away. So corporate end users shouldn’t miss out on this immensely lucrative opportunity and start working in this never before seen office premises almost instantly.

I-Thum and sector 62 are a great opportunity for real estate investors as well, as the sector is all set for a growth and development boom. A recent survey which was conducted by highly reliable research agency reports that a proposed metro station can boost the realty prices in the region by a whopping 20%. In the latest update and development the perfect blend of Noida authority, NMRC and DMRC have initiated technical bids for the sector 62 metro extension work. Financial bids for the same are expected to be finalized pretty soon as well. Construction of the sector 62 link is an extension of the existing – cutting edge Dwarka-Noida city centre metro rail link and its construction is slated to start from the month of July onwards.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that everyone wants to either work or be invested in sector 62 of Noida. This is just the beginning of the sector 62 and I-Thum juggernaut. So explore the expansive world of Ithum and sector 62 Noida today.


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