Corenthum is very well renowned and is a name recognized by one and all without exception. Since its inception, Corenthum has set new benchmarks and standards on how great a commercial real estate establishment can be. Corenthum has established itself as the face and identity of sector 62 Noida and rightly so. But is it possible to be better than the best? Atleast the makers of Corenthum, Grandslam Developers think so. Grandslam Developers are at it again with their state of the art magnum opus, I-Thum.

I-Thum has taken the real estate market of the entire NCR by storm. It is rightly being hailed as the pinnacle of IT parks in the country and rightly so. Ithum is the most sought after and in demand commercial office space in the entire Noida region. But I-Thum is not just an office; it is much more than that. Ithum is an exemplary and unique building concept which will seamlessly reset the way in which employees and office spaces interact with each other. Ithum will take ambience and comfort of an office to a whole new tangent.

Each and every single unit available for sale at I-Thum is built in such a manner which will ensure a pleasant and stress free working environment in the offices. I-Thum makes use of anthropometrics and string diagrams to make sure that abundant natural light and air flows into each office. Thus one can feel the breeze of fresh air while enjoying and relishing the task at hand. All efforts have therefore been made to ensure just two things: the productivity of employees skyrockets and a stress free cum comfortable atmosphere is created for all the esteemed employees working at I-Thum.

Competitive pricing, Geomancy landscaping, cascade fountains, helipad on tower A, private patios, Banks, ATMs, extensive food court, in house retail outlets, timely possession, concierge facility, access to center club, central atrium with meeting facility and a lot more never before seen extravagant features ensures that Ithum is miles ahead of its competition at all times. Don’t take anybody’s word for it. See I-Thum with your very own eyes to believe the sheer grandeur and magnificence of the project.

Ithum is strategically located in sector 62 of Noida which is the most in demand commercial area that NCR has ever witnessed. Sector 62 extends and offers unmatched benefits like a slew of commuting options, cutting edge infrastructure and a lot more. But sector 62’s biggest USP is its proximity to all key locations of Noida and Delhi. For instance, CP, Noida sector 18, NH24 and Noida city centre metro station are merely a stone’s throw away from the site of I-Thum.

I-Thum is therefore an IT park like no other. Grandslam Developers, who possess more than two decades of real estate experience, are giving it their best shot. Ithum is all set to positively forge the current state of affairs in sector 62 and Noida forever. Explore this once in a blue moon opportunity before it vanishes in thin air. I-Thum’s is as bright as it can possibly get. So be a part of the Ithum family and relish the gold standard of office spaces.


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